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Re: My Thyroidectomy

hi!! thanks again for your encouraging I'm not on any pre-meds for surgery..i had my pre-op bloodwork done last week, as well as an EKG and heard nothing and the nurse that did that told me no news is good news.. i worked in a medical office, and i know they test your blood to see how thin/thick it is, and will sometimes recommend meds to regulate that b4 surgery but mine musta been ok, cuz i havent heard anything. I worry about weight gain after the surgery....right now, in the past 6 wks, i've lost 10 lbs without dieting, not really exercising (esp. in this heat, i might take the dog for a quick walk but other than that, no exercise) but the weight's been falling off of, about a year ago, i had GAINED weight when i was exercising...i had put on about 6-8 lbs, so i've lost that and a few lbs more, yet all my thyroid bloodwork levels are considered "normal" i'm not really sure whats going on...i like that fact i can fit in stuff i couldnt fit into last year at this time, i hope i can maintain this weight becuz its good for my height....its very encouraging that you said your voice is pretty much normal after a few days!!!!!!!!! Trying to relax, and be calm about the breathing. Back when i was a teenager, i had to have an emergency appendectomy, and to this day (and this goes back alot of years) i can still remember the nurse calling my name and trying to wake me up while they were still trying to remove the tubes out of my throat...i remember gasping and that is my worse fear..i plan to make it well know to the surgeon i dont want to be woken up till all that stuff is out of my throat!!!!!!! Couldnt tell you anything else about that surgery except for remembering that feeling as if it happened yesterday. how is your scar healing up? dr told me all my stitches will be inside and he will use surgical glue over the incision. he said he will work as best he can with the natural creases in my neck, to make it look as cosmetically good as possible. Are you still taking calcium supplements? any problems with the numbing or tingling feelings ? Are you on synthroid or the generic? Im telling my dr i dont want the generic, as its the same copay for either with our insurance. Well thanks again for keeping me positive!