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Re: My Thyroidectomy

Yes, I also asked for the brand name, Synthroid. I am on a tapered dosage of calcium supplements for three weeks. Week 1 is 4 pills/day, week 2 is 2 pills/day, week 3 is 1 pill/day. I do sometimes get very slight tingly in a few of my fingers, but then it goes away after a few minutes. It's only happen to me perhaps 2-3 times a day. I had to swallow the pain pills in the hospital, but I am sure if you requested they could administer the medicine via your IV.

I'm so sorry to hear about your awful experience of waking up when they were removing your intubation tubes. You poor thing - no wonder you're scared! I'm sure by mentioning it to your surgeon they will be extra cautious to have everything removed before you begin to wake up.

I can't see my scar yet, because the doc covered it up with steri strips (she also used dissolvable stitches so I do not need to get anything removed). I do have some bruises near the scar, which are normal, that are a bit unsightly. But the scar is actually smaller than I had anticipated. At first she said it would be about 5 inches but it's actually probably more like 2.5-3 inches. I bought some bio-oil because I heard it's great at helping to reduce scars and I will be massaging my scar with it as soon as the steri strips fall off in a few more days.