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HRT considerations

Hi fellas, I wanted to get a little insight from those "in the trenches" concerning male HRT.

First a little background.

I am a 42 year old that has always led a healthy lifestyle and I have always shied away from allopathic treatment except in the cases of acute need.

A few years ago I went through a divorce and I believe that it was the hardest thing I have gone through psychologically. During this period I went through depression and all the issues (gained 15 lbs, insomnia, and just feeling blue) that go with it. In the last year I felt I was getting back to my normal self, I have a girlfriend, started racing mountainbikes again, and got back into good shape.

During the last year I noticed my thinking was foggy, particularly in the afternoons. I was also noticing I was periodically grumpy and I would have days that I was exhausted for no reason. I would have good days where I could bust out a three hour ride with 4000 of elevation and run the youngsters into the ground and then I would have a day where it was hard to go grocery shopping because of exhaustion, achy muscles, headaches etc. Concerned I had my blood work done (I'm in the health field) and everything was normal, great in fact. I was talking to another doc and he asked if I had my testosterone checked. I had that checked and it was 360. I went to my friend who is also my GP and she wanted to redo the test and a few others. These are the results.

Test: 294
Free Test: 61
Glb: 25
% free: 2.1
DHEA: 258
LH: 4.9
FSH: 2.7

After seeing these results she suggested supplementation with Androgel or Testim.

My concern is this, I don't want to shut down my innate production and I would really rather not do injections of HCG. It is amazing the ignorance of HRT as it relates to the male population in the medical profession. I'm in orthopedics where things are straight forward, hormones are too much like voodoo to me. lol

All of this leads me here. I have been lurking on this forum and reading and have been very impressed with the knowledge and consideration of some of the folks that have been through things like this and post here. I just wanted to see what thoughts you all might have about my position.

My idea is to start off with androgel at a small dose and escalate it until I see a positive change in symptoms. I am hoping by doing this I won't shut down my normal production. I have read too many stories of folks taking testosterone and feeling great for a few months only to crash when their own production shuts down. I'm hoping to find that "sweet spot" where I can bump up my testosterone without shutting down or doing HCG injections. Does anyone here have experience doing this? If you do were you able to forgo using HCG because you were using a minimal dose?

I would value any other opinions or experiences you would like to share.

Thank you for your thoughts.

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