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How emetophobia is ruining my life

I only really realised I had this phobia 3years ago when I was about 11. My class were away at the school camp but it was 3hours away but one of my friends gets travel sick. And you can probably guess what happens next. After she was sick I immediately freaked breathing quickly, feeling sweaty increasing temperature. When we got off the coach I was shaking but full of adrenaline too wanting to run as far away as possible but I couldn't. After we went inside we took out our packed lunches and ate them but I wasn't hungry even though my mum had packed my favourite food which I would other wise quite happily eat. I could see everybody else had not been affected by my friend being sick. At dinner that night I started crying because I was so scared and wanted to go home and get away from everything. The teachers called my mum but she wouldn't let me come home. I never ate anything that whole week . I weighted 4stone at the end . And to make matters worse a boy had been brought up by his mum half way through the week because he had a sickness bug but it turns out he still had it and he was sick too . I now hate school camps because I went on one the following year. Another one of my friends used to be bulemic but she told me she had stopped. Little did I know that she had lied and every night I had to listen to her gagging and being sick in the toilet. I have no idea what had triggered this phobia and it is ruiningy life. I have another school camp in may to Italy but I am scared because I have never had a good experience at a camp . I am too shy to tell anyone about it. My parents will probably laugh at me but I want to be free. I can't go anywhere without being scared.

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