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Re: HRT considerations


HRT is not something to do are smart to do research. Most Doc's including most Endo's don't know jack about it.

TRT is for don't just try it out. Many docs will try to help you out and give you some androgel......big mistake!

First thing I would do is look for a doc Who actually treats with TRT regularly, I have suggestions, second a knowledgable doc will do a complete hormonal panel on you. Rule out pit. Tumor, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, etc. once you begin TRT it will mess up the tests.

Reality is if you do need TRT, you should combine it with HCG and some combination of other supplements based upon your needs.

I like your thought about just doing a little androgel, with hope to hit sweet spot and not shut your normal production down. Reality is that is not realistic. Soon as you start any dosge your body will compensate by,lowering your normal production and you will remain at your low suffering level. If you up dosage to a level where you are at sweet spot you will be shut down and therefore need HCG or you will end up with raisin testicles and other issues.

Remember the T range is 250-950 or 350-1150 depending on lab but that is from an age range 18-80 year old men. You want to be in the upper 80% of the range. Many docs will say even if you're at the bottom of the range your Ok?.....BS you want to feel 80?
Once you begin TRT you need monthly labs to fine tune your dosage until such time you hit sweet spot and stabilize.

Bottom line you are either in or out on TRT

I know I do it.....and it's made a huge improvement in my life.....but it's work and it's tiring....but I would never go back to how I felt.

I wasted over a year with incompetent docs prior to finding a good one.

More questions ask away.....

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