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Re: First PM apt next wk

I want to apologize about how long this is but I wanted to make sure that I covered everything. Hello to all I read all of the post which they are all right. You are going to need to bring any records you may have,MRI,CT SCANS,bloodwork,etc. You are going to bring your insurance information. Most PMP work on referral based not all but most so be sure to take the referral if you have one and your insurance information. Take a list of all the meds that you take EVERYTHING because they don't know if something that he wants to prescribe will interact with a med that you are already taking. Then He will sit and talk to you about what the reason that you are here to see a PMP. Be completely honest. Tell him how your pain is. Don't lie and say its a 8-9 and it's not cause they find ways of knowing and trust mje they do. One guy got kicked out the PMP I was seeing and Its was because He asked him about his pain scale and he said a 8 then a few minutes later the doctor asked him a question about a basketball game that came on and the dude got so excited talking about the game. Making jokes on the team, acting really amped and The doctor took notes in his chart because when you are at a 8-9 you don't even want to talk. That's when I worked for a PMP before I got on disability and had to go to the same PMP doctor myself. But just be honest. Then he'sd gonna wanna know type of day that makes the pain worst,or better. Activities that you do that make it worst. Then you may have to sign a contact. Read it very carefully. It is the Do'd and Don'ts of the PMP. You break it your out. In that contract it'll probably say something about any methods that he want to try you will have to be willing to work with him. Which means Therapy's,injections,creams, ice packs, massages,etc. But then also different test is mandatory with a contract like U/A's. You will never know when you will get one but they are looking to see if you have the meds that are prescribed in your system and how much of that meds you have in that system. And as far as a psychyiatry goes you may see one and you may not. They like to send people who are appointment after appointment is not getting any better. So they want that doctor to talk with you see if maybe you are going to need some meds for depression and the psychyiatryist (sorry about spelling) will also talk about what is your plans on taking all those narcotics. Do you see your self tampering down try to give you ways to try and bring it down. That is if he feels you don't need all the meds and that you are dependent on it. Not addicted. I know alot about it cause I worked in the office of a PMP this was before My Lupus took my body for a ride and I ended up on disability. I have been on disability for almost 6 years now. I can tell you now I am on the other end as a PM patient. I have been diagnosed with Lupus for 15 Years and went through he** the whole way. But I did try my best not to give up working. I went to college, and got an associate degree. The first month of school I had to take 3 weeks off and was hospital due to my Lupus. I wont get into my health problems or we will be here all night and trust me I have seen and heard it all. So that part wont happen unless you are a patient that always saying the meds aint working,they change them,giving you stronger ones, and still no change. That happend after you have been going for a few month and the doctor gets an understanding of you. Other than that I think you will be fine. Please let me know what happens? Good luck and I am praying everything will go smooth.
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