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Re: Boredom the Bipolar Curse of the gifted

I'm bi-polar with a high IQ, in the first grade I had the vocabulary of a college student, by the 2nd grade I was already reading books meant for grownups (literary classics and anything about ancient history or art), at that same time I was put into my school's gifted program but even that made me feel restless and bored.
I was considered a child prodigy and gifted in a creative sense, I was bullied heavily in school because I couldn't relate to other children my age.

I've been interested in writing since I was a child, and recently I decided to channel my creative muses and as a result I've written three novels.
It's fascinating how many other bi-polar writers that are out there, I consider my bi-polar mind to be a gift, I'm not sure if I'd be as creative if I was "normal".