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Re: Please Take A Stab At This!

It's been a while since I last posted. Since that time, I've had an upper endoscopy (results completely normal) and then today, an upper GI Xray with small bowel follow through.

I am sure everyone who has done the barium Xray shenanigans absolutely loved it, like I did.

The doctor and techs said it could take up to 6 hours for the white sludge to get through my small bowel. However, 30 minutes later, while the doctor was taking another 10 images and pressing on my intestines with a paddle, he said "Oh, you're going to need to go to the bathroom soon." I was so excited about this, since I'd only urgently gone number 2 twice that morning since waking 2 hours prior! So, after those final images, they let me 'leave' and I proceeded to spend the next hour in the hospital restroom sitting with numb legs on the public restroom toilet while the white sludge fell out of my bum. It took under an hour for the sludge to enter my mouth and come out the other end. I'm going for a record here.... That's why I keep stats.

And yes, a long line did form in the bathroom I was using, since I was taking up one of the two stalls the whole time, making it unusable to others.

The doctor said I looked completely normal, but that I had a very rapid transit time in my small bowel. No parasites, and no inflammatory disease, though. That's good.

I'm beginning to think more and more that this could be allergy related...? I noticed that when I was taking an antihistamine for a week a while back, that my tummy felt more settled. Maybe constipation is a side effect of the benadryl, though, so who knows.

As usual, I welcome anyone's input. 2.5 years of runny BMs several times a day is no longer a fad. It's out of style. No one does this voluntarily anymore. My intestines can't seem to take the hint that we're all over this already. Ho hum.

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