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Hey all!

So.. my much awaited Rheumatologist appointment is coming up on the 18th!! Although I have gained some new information that is adding to my confusion a bit. My aunt, cousin (male) and grandfather on my mothers side all have the diagnosis of Anklosing Spondalitis. My aunt says I have some of the same symptoms, though when I looked it up it didn't quite seem to account for all the places I have pain or the IBS (unless what the doctor told me was ibs was actually inflammation related?)

I'm going to bring this to the Rheumatologist to ask him...but I'm kind of you think there's a chance it's both? Or that possibly I don't have fibromyalgia at all and that there is a chance that's why the medications haven't been working?

My hip has been really acting up lately and my doctor said it was joint inflammation-- bursitis i think she called it... but after reading the info it sounds like it could be from AS if that's what I have..

I don't even know anymore I guess I just have to wait and find out lol I just wanted to see if any others had similar experiences or knew anything I didn't

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