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Can somebody please explain why I am this way basically I am really shy. I always have been but it has gotten worse lately. I refused to go round to my neighbour who I have known all my life to give him some banana bread yesterday. Today I was in town and I hate being served at the till because it's so awkward and I just want to avoid it all together. Also when I have to do solo talks in school I start shaking and when I am doing them I stare at one spot the whole time. I also find it very difficult to look people in the eye/face. And when my friends try to hug me I pull away because I hate that sorta thing. I'm scared I will never get a boyfriend. There was a point a couple of months ago where I was confident but that has seemed to have gone as I don't know why? My parents just tease me about being so shy. I don't know how to stop being so shy?!

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