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Re: Help me- Neuritis vestibular

I update my case. I am very slightly better. Continuing with the feeling of unreality / continuous dreaming.

In the last appointment with my oto-neurology, found that I have no nystagmus with agitation cephalic maneuver (HIT, nystagmus ervocado shaking the head) and also my caloric tests are normal (remember that I had a 25% hypofunction)

I continue with the symptoms

My doctor explained to me that although my vestibular system and has recovered completely, because I have no nystagmus and mi caloric test is normal (hypofunction 5 %, normal)

I am very concerned because I do not understand why with a sensation of drinking and dreaming if my hearing has already been recovered. Did I read that sometimes you may see a migraine condition is so?

On the other hand, my doctor said many times that depression / anxiety associated with neuritis, and it's probably me. My ear was healed but I still have anxiety and depression according to my doctor. He has sent me Sibelium 1 month and return to your inquiry.

biteneck what if you have been diagnosed with vestibular neuritis, as you may now tell you that you have vestibular migraine?

According to I have understood if you have a hypofunction and nystagmus can not have vestibular migraine. And vestibular migraine causes recurrent vertigo, dizziness besides, you have recurrent vertigo or dizziness and brain fog only?

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