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Re: Anyone with both GERD and Gastroparesis?

I also have GERD and Gastroparesis. My GERD is also aggrevated by a hiatal hernia, but the Gastroparesis flared it up this year (stomach slowed down more and reflux kicked in full force)!

I take Dexilant for the GERD, but currently don't take anything for the GP (just eat small portions, low-fat and low-fiber - that last one is the hardest - I miss my fruits and veggies more than I miss the fat). My GI doc wanted me to try Domperidone and I still might, but I am always afraid of side effects (if there is a weird side effect that only one percent of the people get, it's usually me and Domperidone has heart side effects they have recently discovered, though rare, I am sure - all meds have possible dangerous side effects for a few, so I should just try it).