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Re: Anyone with both GERD and Gastroparesis?

Originally Posted by janewhite1 View Post
Hi, ckpsyc. I have had GERD and gastritis for a while, and I've just recently been diagnosed with gastroparesis. I currently see a fancy GI at a teaching hospital, and he thinks that the GP caused the other two conditions: Food doesn't leave my stomach, so instead it sits around, causes irritation to the stomach lining and causes reflux.

I am taking Domperidone, imported. It helps a LOT and it's so much less toxic than Reglan. I was on PPIs for a long time, they helped but they never seemed to help MUCH, probably because the motility issues weren't being addressed.

Let me know if you want to chat.

Jane, how do you get domperidone? Do you live in Canada?