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Re: autoimmune mess!

Painpearls -

I just wanted to give you some hugs! I'm autoimmune soup myself and it can be so overwhelming and our doctors seem so clueless sometimes. We need to be our own best health advocate. Only we know the big picture, especially when we have so many different kinds of doctors and the autoimmune issues and their secondary issues cover a variety of specialties.

I have Psoriasis, as well. RA, Fibro, Interstitial Cystitis, borderline for the Lupus antibody (I think it has been in the positive range once, but doc says it's not active - yet), GERD, Gastroparesis, Autonomic Dysfunction, TMJ, Migraines, IBS (now not so sure about that one since the Gastroparesis dx), the list goes on and on (I need a list in front of me to remember and I don't have it right now - LOL ). I take MTX right now (just recently stopped the Plaquenil and Celebrex for a bit because of the stomach issues, but may have to start them back up - doc wants me to eventually start a biologic, but I have been told that I can't do any of the TNF blockers because of my positive anti-DSDNA - TNF blockers, like Enbrel, Humira, etc., can cause medically induced Lupus - she may try me on Orencia or Actemra).

I hope you get some good answers from your doc and some relief.


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