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I hope this isn't true :(:(

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for the first time in the pool. When we got out and got home we had protected sex. <We had oral sex and> it stung almost like a cut. I made him stop I got ready for bed and went to sleep the next day I felt very sore but thought nothing of it. Later that day I checked myself in the mirror to find that I had a huge cut on my left labia and a few yellow sores. I am very worried this is herpes. He has no symptoms of herpes and you cannot see anything on his penis. He has been with a few other woman but has always used a condom. I have been with two other men and they were both virgins. I'd there any other infection that would cause this. I'm so scared!!! How do I have the symptoms and he doesn't? How did I feel the cuts that fast? Please help me!! I don't want herpes I learned my lesson I promise. Protected sex only! Help me please! What should I do?! I've taken baths and they seem
To help. Ugh this would happen to me
Also I got my period so I can't tell if I have a discharge or not I'm very worried !!!!

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