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Re: Holistic Approach to Addison's?

Well, Addison's can be a symptom of Celiac Disease and I would imagine would get a lot better on a gluten free diet if this is the cause... Before you start taking any steroids, get a blood test done for celiac disease. It is a very simple test. If your doc won't do it then you can buy a home celiac test from either London Drugs or Online. The cortisol will put out the flame basically and the celiac will be undetectable through blood if you are taking cortisol pills so thats why it is better before.

I think if you are trying to beat it then you need to find the cause otherwise you are just treating your body as it keeps fighting itself. Cortisol is an anti inflammitory So your body has been trying to put out a fire. Something you are either putting into your body or have in your body from somewhere, your body thinks is foreign and is attacking it thus using up your cortisol levels, or if Celiac it can be attacking your adrenal glands because there is gluten there. Its real important to get checked for Celiac if you think you have Addison's and are not on the meds yet. Once on I would think you have to do a small intestenal biopsy to check for Celiac but not sure.. Let me know the results if you check....

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