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Re: Holistic Approach to Addison's?

another thing I want to say is that you should have some hydrocortizone and floraneff on hand because in your state you are very suseptable to an adrenal crisis. I have seen this happen and it happens fast, you are too out of it too communicate and end up dead or in a coma if someone gets to you in time. so in your search for the cause, keep the harsher meds around so you still have time to find the cause, you may have a shot the docs have given you to administer if you end up in this state but it doesn't do a whole lot once your there, so if you are feeling real bad some time you can at least start taking the pills and keep yourself here. please. lots of love to you, I know what your going through and it WILL be OK.

....long term effects, well one would be low glucose levels which if you add a fight or car accident, you could potentialally end up dead real fast it is a very fine line. you know what you feel from the natural way and you know what you feel from the steroids so if you don't feel better soon I would switch. But, check out the Celiac thing first!.....

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