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Re: Anal fissure near anal, but towards spine area?

Originally Posted by quincy View Post
It sounds like a you have any medication you can use at this point? If they're anywhere in and around the anus and look like a cut, it probably is.

Have you been constipated or going bms more often than usual?

Have you changed toilet paper (I swear some of them are made of steel!).
Are you using any preparations that are wet to help with wiping?
Do you have anything afterward to put on to soothe/heal the area?

Sucks you're having to go through this...I have a fissure and external hemmie...pain in the butt! for all the reasons plus having to deal with them.

I started to incorporate more fiber in my diet. There's been a stint where everything would be fine, but sometimes the stool would be tougher than usual.

Today, I felt the same area and it felt like some sort of pimple (not abscess) with in the tissue. VIsually, you couldn't even tell. Today, it burst after a bm, in that I saw some pus/discharge while wiping.

I'm not having any pain like my abscess episode but I am super anxious now because of it. I figured that the area draining is a good sign that the body is cleaning itself.

One thing though, how can one distinguish if I have a fistula? Fistullas don't just open up for no reason right? I do sit a lot at work and at home, and I don't know if that's a cause of it, or part of the reason why.