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Re: Steroid Nasal Inhaler

I'm thinking that you mean a propellant-type nasal inhaler rather than the aqueous types that are now available? I agree with you 100% that the propellant type of nasal inhaler works better. I remember when nasalcort used to be the better propellant type of nasal spray, and it worked wonderfully well for me; when it was changed to the aqeous type I was at my allergist's office feeling crummy with nasal issues. I think he told me that it was due to the propellants being damaging to the ozone layer or something, so they were all changed over to the aqueous, and in my opinion, less effective inhalers. I was even considering traveling out of the country to be able to purchase some of the "old" type of nasalcort inhalers! If anyone has any info about how to get one of these types of nasal inhalers, I would love to hear it too!