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Re: Ppi acid rebound, injured esophagus

hi gonzoe

thanks for the info...what is alkanized water...and where do u get it from...i know its going to be really hard gettingoff theses dang ppis...i have heartburn so bad right nowi had to break down and take a pepcid,,,arg...i have a friend that had really awful ulcers and very bad reflux and he started taking bee propolis over a year ago,,he takes about four or five a day...he was on prevacid for over a year andit did nothing for him and since he has been taking the propolis he takes no synthetic medicines...he said it has saved him..he can eat whatever he wants even spicy stuff...hes a totally changed man...i am going to try it soon...trying to give the tecta a chance to work,,but he stopped ppis cold turkey and never had any rebound or anything...look up propolis it is shown to help with most stomach probs.cancer a whole bunch of stuff....
now you say green drinks,,,,what exactly did u put in the green drinks...just curious as i always have salad every day...i am also low in iron and cant take the supplement cuz it gives me heartburn...
thanks for your help,,let me know if u r gonna try the propolis it is all natural as well,,,,