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Re: Anal fissure near anal, but towards spine area?

Originally Posted by quincy View Post
Fistulas happen for some by fact of an autoimmune disease. I have a friend who has fistulising Crohn's.

The also happen because of inner abscess and seek a way out to relieve the pressure. They develop an inner lining, so in essence, it's burrowing through the tissue but creating/leaving a permanent trough.

If you say something burst, that would be a probable abscess, and if it's possibly from the original one, it's still there an has developed a fistula to the outside of the skin.

You need to see a doc to determine if you indeed have a fistula, or if it's another cyst/abscess and no fistula, just that it's close to the skin and has burst, emptying itself.

I don't think sitting has caused it, but if it's another cyst/abscess, hopefully it can be cleared out..never to return. But sitting would definitely put pressure on that area.

Hope you can get in with the doc asap.

Hey Q,

Thanks so much for your help. Fortunately it's not the same area as the abscess, but the fissure ish area. It's like the size of a pin hole. It's so odd that I'm experiencing things like this in life. But I'll continue to monitor it. I noticed how typical wounds take a lot longer than when I was younger.

I think its some kind of pimple that mended, and then re-popped to drain itself out. I guess that's a positive, but I'll continue to monitor.

I did try keep better hygiene as if I wasn't already clean enough, but I guess these things just happen to humans.

I'll keep an eye out.