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Now problems with Ethmoid sinuses..

Hi all,

Following my previous thread "following sinus surgery" I thought I would start a new thread with my latest discoveries.

After weeks of complaining to my ent department they finally agreed to do a post op ct scan, from which i received the results today;

Apparently my symptoms of ear pain, eye pressure and all other associated sinus symptoms are being caused by my ethmoid sinuses being completely blocked/full of fluid.

I was told that this could not be seen from my pre op scan due to my frontal & maxillary sinuses being blocked, they are very clear now as they should be revealing the main culprit to my problems.

Does this make sense to anyone? This is the way it was explained to me.

I have now been referred to a surgeon who specializes in ethmoid sinus problems, I was told I will probably need another more complex op to relieve the pressure from the Ethmoid sinuses.

I also spoke to the surgeon about sinus flooding (with salt water only) He told me its a great way to relieve problems with frontal & maxillary sinuses (thats probably why mine are so clear) But problems with ethmoid sinuses are a lot deeper in the skull and I will not benefit in any way from doing it.

Has anyone had any similar problems or experiences I'll be very great full to hear about anyone's experiences.

Many thanks

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