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Re: Tonsil stones/bad breath/tongue coating

Hey girl. I jut got home from surgery. I am having some discomfort but not to where I can't handle it. I know in the next few days te pain will pick up :-/. Ok so I can't tell if my breath is still bad, I'm kinda out of it now due to anestesia, but I will suret say that I do not have that nasty taste in my mouth that I constantly had before. So fingers are crossed here that that's a good sign my bad breath is gone! We'll see! Anyway I also had a coating on my tounge but that was due to the constant mucus build up from the PND. My Dr. Told me that the constant flow of PND was collecting in my tonsils where there I already lits of nasty bacteria, so it was only contributing to my bad breath. Now that the tonsils are gone the pND isnt going to be able to collect anywhere. I have to continue to take my Zyrtec which helps in drying up the PND, it works wonders. But yeah my PND is from my seasonal allergies...when fall time hits it should be gone. Anyway I'll keep you posted about my recovery and let you know if there is a change in my breath....because like you, that was my main complaint. Ok well take care, I'm praying for the both of us!

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