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Re: My Thyroidectomy

HI! ok, surgery went well yesterday..Surgeon was able to keep parathyroids intact, and overall, im feeling ok...there is quite a bit of swelling and its very tender but that's to be expected..all tubes were out before i was aware of what was going on after the that was good! Unfortunately, i got a reaction to the Dilaudid they were giving me in my IV and vomited..that was the worst part of this whole thing....i have a really bad sore throat from the tubes (and the vomiting). Im on 100mcg of synthroid and 2 tums, 2x a day .. my calcium levels today before discharge were great..and i have just noticed that slight tingling in my hands earlier today (they feel like they are "asleep") but it doesnt last very long. I'm glad to be home as i didnt sleep well in the hospital....i took a good nap when i got home, and i was trying to just stick to tylenol but ended up taking the lortabs which do help more with the pain! right now i have to say the incision looks worse than it feels!!!! i have to sleep sitting up or actually, on my side, with 2 pillows is quite comfortable..thanks for your thoughts and far, everything is going are you doing?

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