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Fereheme MRI Identifies PC location

A little history.

Diagnosed seven and a half years ago. PSA pre op 45. Gleason 9. RP a little over 7 yrs ago followed 4 months later with radiation. Two rounds of Hormone blockade. Went off Lupron and Casodex 2 yrs ago and PSA rose to 4 .4 as of the end of May 2012. Maintained Avodart while off.

I decided to visit Sand Lake on the advice of Dr Myers and had some scans done second week of June. I know some of you have been watching the work done by Myers, Bravo and Dattoli.

Discussed results of F-18 bone Scan and Fereheme MRI with both DR Bravo and Dr Myers.

The bone scan was clear.

PC identified in retroperitoneal and left common iliac lymph nodes by fereheme mri. These were not identified by standard MRI, Pet Scans etc. Both Drs felt this was treatable. Dr Myers suggested knocking back PSA, 4-6 months on triple blockade then visiting Dr Dattoli.

This will be the next step. Is it possible this will deal the PC a substantial blow in spite of the previous negative prognosis by others? They seem to think so. It is good news and offers us a new perspective on where I am. We will keep thinking positive and press forward.


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