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Smile Good Morning World. It's a bright new day!

In my part of the world it's pouring with rain, major roads are flooded but hey! without rain, reservoirs wouldn't fill, plants wouldn't grow and there would be nothing to compare the sunny days with. Last time we'd a week's worth of sun, overheard someone say 'could do with a bit of rain'. Oh no, we have more than our fair share of rain in the West Coast of Scotland, thank you. We do have glorious sunny days too but you can spot a Scotsman going on holiday in our fair country, umbrella and sun cream in his hand.

Isn't it great to be here. Ok we have mumps and moans and hurts and worries. At least we can and, in the main, we do have medics to help, plus on this site and others, loads of friendly shoulders to lean on, when the going gets tough.

I have no medical knowledge and thus cannot give medical advice but based on what I know from my own experience sometimes its helpful to have a wee chat with friends.

Look forward to some good chats.

Ps if I don't get back today, it's because this weekend is a milestone birthday for my husband. He's 60. Collected his travel pass already. Free travel on buses and reduced fare on the trains. That's one good thing about being older.
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