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Re: Polymyositis- family doctor doesn't have a clue about this illness

I was just recently diagnosed in May of 2012 with Polymyostis. I had been having symptoms of muscle weakness since November of 2011. Which my family doctor contributed to just being fibromyalgia. He couldn't figure it out and was going to send me to a neurologist after 3 months of having muscle weakness and not being able to pull myself up. I wound up going to an Emergency room where they atmited me right away because my muscle enzymes were 8000. So when they ran the other tests an EMG and a muscle biopsy it confirmed that it was Polymyostis. I have gotten so bad that I have to have help getting around I can't do anything on my own. Please make sure that you find a good reumotologist and they may even refer you to a neurologist to which will be helpful as well. They have started me on a medicine called methotrexate 2.5mg and I take that 8 times 1 a week and predisone 80 mg everyday. Plus I do slot of physical therapy. I really hope this helps you out just a little. And I hope that you are doing well.