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Re: Can't eat anymore!!

As janewhite1 said, if it is happening with multiple foods, it is not likely an allergy. However I have seen and experienced systemic stress cause such symptoms.

I also have CFIDS/FM. Some years ago it seemed that I was allergic to all foods. In that case I think it was a number of systemic stressers, but the primary cause seemed to be a candida infection. It is not necessarily a GI ailment, but many things can cause GI reactions.

Some factors that can contribute would include:
- Anxiety (as your doc mentioned, but only you can determine whether this is viable).
- Celiac disease (gluten intolerance determined by a blood test)
- Wheat sensitivity (self-tested just by avoidance)
- Candida infection (bacterial imbalance in the gut treated with probiotics)
- Most anything else that imposes significant systemic stress.

This is probably not a complete list, but I know these can cause such symptoms.
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