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Unhappy Re: Can't eat anymore!!

Originally Posted by MRichards1957 View Post
As janewhite1 said, if it is happening with multiple foods, it is not likely an allergy. However I have seen and experienced systemic stress cause such symptoms.

I also have CFIDS/FM. Some years ago it seemed that I was allergic to all foods. In that case I think it was a number of systemic stressers, but the primary cause seemed to be a candida infection. It is not necessarily a GI ailment, but many things can cause GI reactions.

Some factors that can contribute would include:
- Anxiety (as your doc mentioned, but only you can determine whether this is viable).
- Celiac disease (gluten intolerance determined by a blood test)
- Wheat sensitivity (self-tested just by avoidance)
- Candida infection (bacterial imbalance in the gut treated with probiotics)
- Most anything else that imposes significant systemic stress.

This is probably not a complete list, but I know these can cause such symptoms.
What's systematic stress? Sorry to act really thick- funny you mention candida- I had oral thush overgrowth about a month ago due to prenisclone don't know if I've spelt that right-for an antibiotic allergy. I had to be given fluconazole but only managed to take it for 4 days as I became hypersensitive to it- I spoke to the doc about it causing all this as anxiety on the tablets was gone and since I've been off them it's been extreme but doc dismissed it saying it only really causes big probs in HIV or cancer patients any other info on this subject would be great- but I don't know what's worse allergy- anxiety or candida!? Ohhhh help me