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Re: My Thyroidectomy

HI! no i dont have steri strips, he used a surgical glue..and its all neatly glued together!! I've been trying to do some neck exercises cuz they did tell me upon discharge to try to move my head/neck so it doesnt stiffen up...but right now the swelling makes it kind of difficult to move it very much but i will do what you suggest and try to increase my range of motion every day. Do you still get the tingling? I got it in my hands and face a bit earlier today, so i popped an extra helps. I m using the lortabs, but only have had to take 1 today...will wait to take more at bedtime.
My appetite is Ok, mainly craving soups, and scrambled eggs..thats about all i've eaten so are SO right about the pain meds playing havoc on the bowels..ugh still waiting for some relief there...i took some dulcolax..hoping that helps (sorry, sure u didnt want all that info lol!) Remember i was telling you b4 surgery about the severe neck pain i had at the base of my neck in the back? well that is TOTALLY gone...! must be the nodules were pressing on something causing that pain. the swelling makes me feel as tho there is something stuck in my throat but im sure as it subsides, that feeling will as well. i have quite a bit of bruising clear down to the middle of my i took my synthroid, and shortly thereafter felt very sick to my stomach. thank god it passed and i didnt vomit..earlier today one of the RN's from the hospital called and wanted to kno how i was doing...she said the nausea is very common when someone first starts on synthroid, it should get better as my body adjusts. I feel so good that i even did some dishes this afternoon....i dont wana overdo tho, even tho im feeling good. My incision is about 4" long...bigger than what i thought it was gona be..but i was glad that he worked with a natural crease in my neck..SO encouraging to know that in about a week or so my scar will be looking better and better! My 2 yr old grandbaby looked scared when she first saw me today...i assured her i was ok, just had a big booboo that is starting to heal. Well, i will keep you updated, and are u still taking the tums??? What dose of synthroid are u taking? I think i said in my last post im on 100mcg. Have a good weekend...ttys! Joyce

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