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Re: Tonsil stones/bad breath/tongue coating

How are you feeling today? Any worse? Hope the pain isn't too bad! How much time are you giving yourself off from work (if you work)? I'm seriously considering tonsillectomy, so I'm making an appointment with the ENT tomorrow. When I was on Medicaid, they wouldn't cover my wisdom teeth removal and I thought that was ridiculous since they could get infected and cause tons of problems. I had to pay completely out of pocket for that one, it was $1500. I'm glad your surgery was covered! I'll exaggerate my symptoms also...the ENT won't 'check' to see if I've had antibiotics or other doc appts for that purpose, will they? I could always say it was virus-caused I guess. I do get sore throats and feel like my tonsils are large and it's hard to breathe sometimes when my allergies also flare up and I have tons of mucus in my throat. Anyway, I'll make an appointment tomorrow and we'll see how it goes! I hope your recovery continues smoothly.