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one year purge-free

hi all,

tomorrow i will be exactly one year purge free. it has been quite hard to stay on track, but i'm really proud of myself. i'd been bulimic for 7-8 years before, and attempted recovery many times (my longest time before this was almost 6 months). i'm really excited about this milestone, but i'm not sure how to commemorate it.

part of the problem is my family and friends do not know. in fact, i have not been in a recovery program since my mother first found out (and that was when it first started roughly 7 years ago). when she found out, she took me to therapy and left it at that. i'm not blaming her for anything--i'm very private and do not like talking about my problems. so i think my family assumed i recovered once i went through therapy etc. (of course, they may have known and not said anything.) anyway, no one knows that i'm one year purge free, so i'm not sure how to celebrate. i really don't want to tell anyone (perhaps that's why i turned to a messageboard--it's easier when i'm "anonymous"). i was thinking of getting a necklace or something to remind me of the progress i've made, but for some reason that doesn't feel "big" enough. any ideas/advice/input would be greatly appreciated.

also, just wondering if anyone has successfully "recovered" without doing a program? i haven't done any counseling or anything this time around. i know many of the root issues are there, and i still struggle with the ED mindset. i'm just really adverse to therapy (for myself).

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