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Re: Is it Sjogren's? 25 yo female...

It sure sounds like you have many of the symptoms that go along with Sjogrens. If you have done some research and reading, you probably know that it is often hard to distinguish Sjogrens from other autoimmune diseases. And frequently people have more than one of the autoimmune diseases. My personal advice would be to find a good rheumatologist and let the testing begin. There is not just one simple blood test that will give you the answer. Most doctors will do a battery of blood work. But that doesn't always give you answers either. Many of us are what they call sero-negative. The salivary gland biopsy (lip biopsy) is just one more test to help nail down a diagnosis. It involves a small incision in the lower lip to remove a few tiny salivary glands for testing. You want to try to find doctors in your area that are very familiar with Sjogrens. I am waiting for my lip biopsy appointment, even though I am sero-negative; my primary doc, rheumatologist, and the salivary doc all believe that I do have Sjogrens even before doing the biopsy. All of this is from my own research and experience... and there are probably others on this board who know a lot more than I do. From what I know, there is not a "one size fits all" description for Sjogrens. I am aware of 4 other people who have the Sjogrens diagnosis, and all of us have somewhat different symptoms. Best wishes. Please share your experience here if you do proceed with testing.