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Re: Had a stroke on Christmas Day need help PLEASE

Wow you are doing fantastic. I am so happy for you. You have really stepped into your recovery and not looked back. Steady and constant progress and really a phenominal job. Well done my friend, well done!!! Your post is so encouraging to all of us. Your blood pressure and cholesterol have really benefited by your weight loss. I loved the doctors evaluation of how your health is now. Better than ever, better than before the stroke. Good job my friend.
Well Me, I am still recovering too. I am feeling better and stronger with every day. I was reading my journals from a year ago and they were so encouraging to help me see how far I have come. My gosh some of the challenges I was facing have increasing gotten better and better. We forget how far we have come. It felt pretty good to ready what I had wrote over a year ago.
I am still not driving, it is a multitasking event and it takes too much out of me. A 10 min drive drains my energy so bad the rest of the day is a wash out. So I made the decision it's not worth it. Maybe someday but not right now. Now in saying that, I live in a rural community so giving up my driving is very hard. So I may someday be travelling down the road and pulling over and napping every 10 min just to get out of the house.
God is totally responsible for my recovery and my ability to realize I was saved for a reason and my life can be more wonderful than before. Thats what you have done. Rose to the occasion and made your life better than before. I have a lot to be thankful for and Im not done my recovery yet. Im determined to continue marching forward.
It is so wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for keeping in touch. God bless you and may your recovery continue to sore. God Bless Mulchie