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Red face High blood pressure and anxiety/ chest pain

Hi everyone, just wanting some advice for if this happens again.

Today I was sitting at my desk at work and became nauseous, this dissipated and was followed by butterflies in my stomach, a dull ache in my chest area and a radiating tightness and aching feeling also travelled with a stiff feeling in my jaw area near my ear. I had a felling of to much caffeine even though I hadn't had any. I was quiet concerned as when I googled the symptoms it said to call an ambulance. I didn't feel that unwell so just went for a walk outside and had some chamomile tea which made me feel better. The same feelings came back about an hour later briefly

The last week I went to the Dr For dizziness I was having and she told me I had high blood pressure, I had to wear a 24 hr monitor and my diastolic number didn't drop below 90. The highest being 177/105. I am also in the process of testing for kidney problems (I have one) I will go back to the Dr this week but really wanted to know people's thoughts on my funny episode today and wether an ambulance call is necessary in that situation. I feel ok now, just very tired. I am a 32 year old female so like a bit of a hypochondriac going to hospital unless I am extremely unwell!

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