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Re: Partial seizures

Hi, a diagnosis of seizures can be scary, eh? I have complex partial seizures as a result of a car accident. ( see thread "head injury vet") . I take klonopin for them. I also take lamictal for moods, but it is a seizure med too. I hope you have a good neurologist who knows his stuff; getting the right meds is the frustrating part. A lot of them have side effects, so it's a matter of deciding whether to control the seizures or not take the med and lose weight, but have seizures . Talk about a catch 22. Well I could go on and on about seizures . I"ve had them for years, and have known my neurologist longer than I've known my husband of 25 years! You can live a great life despite seizures; it's just these first months of trial and error. I wish the best for you, and I'm here if you want to talk again.