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Re: Partial seizures

Hi Skuffin, Your telling me. Very scary. I'm seeing a Neuro-therapist to deal with this. I'm having a hard time accepting all this. I am 52 and I had brain surgery when I was 14. It gave me some major problems, like writing, loss of ability to play the piano as well as I did ( I was studying to be a concert pianist), my balance was a little off; and as I got older things got worse. My memory sucks. But through it all I was able to function. When I hit an obstacle I just found a way to get around it and continue. It was hard but I didn't know any different. My Therapist found out I have had seizures since I was born. I recognize all the symptoms now but things really got worse in the past 2 years. But at that time I didn't know I was having seizures. My family didn't ethier. They just thought I was a flake. I thought all my problems were due to just having the surgery. I have always struggled with life but "you've got to so what you've got to do". My therapist had me go to a neurologist and she sent me to get an EEG and that is how they found the seizures...I am taking Keppra now and I hate it. I think I would rather have the seizures. Afterall I knew how to deal that way (but yes, unfortunately I need the medicine now) I have good days and bad days. The side effects are terrible. Life will go along smoothly then the storm hits and I'm out of it for days. Then I will dig nyself out of my hole again and things will be ok again and then...BOOM. Another one bites the dust (if you know what I mean).
Everyting has changed in my life and I am not sure how to handle it. I have lost all social abilities because of it. You've been able to get married and have kids. I'm happy for you. Companionship is great. We find ways to cope and do what we have to do to accomplish things (different than the norm') and at a different pace. But sltes (oops, seizure)... lets muddle through it. I hope I am making sense. Thank you for your input on this site. Its good to talk to someone who is going through the same thing.

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