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any hope at recovery

My eating disorder (nightmare) started years back at the junior /sophmore year of high school I am (29) as of now.I was rather over weight with the bad coping mechanism of food as a kid.THey speculate it was a coping mechanism for going un medicated for my ADHD, BIpolar dual diagnosis.I ended up picking up the habit of not eating almost anything during the week and only eating well on weekends.My weight yoyoed thru out the end of high school.I switched to exersice bulimia for three straight years ( a large amount of food at one time of day and constant exercise around full time community college courses).I stoped the exercise bulmia and droped on weight quickly still eating the same aount of food.I was hospitalized for depression and the start of anorexia.I went out patiant for anorexia my parents were told they should have caught it sooner and to qoute from the treating nutrisionist( I would probably be low functioning aftyer this whole ordeal and that my intial abuse of food that started all this ment i had low impulse control with adhd)I have for the last 6 years dealt with a nealy constant sense of hunger , no memory and ability to think, mood swings,Lack of rem sleep,at times i am in agony from hunger pains all day long ( i don't understand).I am (29) as of now and wondering after so many years if the damage is permenant and if its a debilitating life long condition and if i will ever recover enough to run my own life.( I was recomended going inpatiant but no one will accept me my weight is to stable and my blood pressure if right where it should be insurance will not cover it).DOes any one have any advice ?

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