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Re: New here - Seeking out support!

Life's a gamble sometimes when it comes to relationships. It sounds like you've got alot of issues going on and not sure how to really respond, but you seem to be more focused on your OCD based on your thread. Relationships come and go, some last, some don't - but you need to find the enjoyment in the moment with each other. Focusing on what may happen (thoughts) are not reality, what's real is right now, nobody knows what the future holds. However, the things you are going through are not doubt adding stress to the relationship which can break it. Open communication with your partner about your thoughts is important but at the same time - if the relationship is causing you both more stress and unhappiness than it is creating pleasure for the two of you, maybe you should re-evaluate... I'm not saying I'm a relationship expert by any stretch, but the beauty of relationships is the joy and pleasure they bring to both people. I had a relationship in the past where it was causing the two of us more stress and anxiety being together than it was making us actually happy - so in this case - we seperated but remained friends (after the initial awkward phase).

Honestly, I don't think that until you are happy with yourself and accept yourself for who and how you are - you probably won't be happy with anyone. Happiness comes from within - not from external factors. I struggle with this - so I understand. You could date and date and move from relationship to relationship - but if you're not happy - you won't be happy with anyone else. You probably should not depend on another to make you happy - they can contribute to your happiness but it's starts with you.

Just wanted to drop a quick reply as I see there were many views but no responses. It can be like that on here sometimes. Take care!