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Re: High blood pressure and anxiety/ chest pain

I had similar symptoms in 2002 which became the trip wire for me to reverse my unhealthy lifestyle, lose weight, and start blood pressure medication. My condition was more due to an unhealthy diet than anxiety. My chest pounding/tightness/discomfort was probably due to reflux as all tests at the hospital were negative. My BP had soared to 175/105. 6 months later I was down 25 lbs and much more fit with normal BP while taking meds. It took me another 6-7 yrs to take it to another level and try to get as healthy as I could and drop the meds. I've lost 90 lbs. since 2002 and no longer yo-yo diet like I had for so many years. Your problem may well be anxiety more than anything else. But our symptoms were surprisingly similar.

I was 48 at that time. When I told my doctor I was having chest pains and had a feeling of dread and anxiety that wasn't going away he said he'd schedule me for a stress test. 2 days later I checked myself into the hospital on a Friday afternoon after work because I just wasn't going to wait to find out I might be having the signs of an impending heart attack. In any event this was the final trigger for me to get my life back on track. My BP had been at 150/95 on my previous physical and still not taking any medications. I kept telling myself I would drop the weight and exercise more. It basically came down to me to initiate change.

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