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Re: Should I let my bf go?

Absolutely not, he's a keeper!!! If he didn't want to be with you, and if it was bothering him to help you out as much as he does, he wouldn't be with you and he wouldn't be helping you. And besides, when us women get older, we all need a good man to take care of us. And you don't deserve to be alone and single just because of a health condition that is not your fault.

If anything, you can show him in your own way how you appreciate him, and to pay him back for his favors so you don't fee so bad about it.

The worse thing that can happen is for a woman to let a good man go because of her own insecurities. And that will cause him problems if he's thinking "I worked so hard to keep my woman happy and did everything for her, but then she breaks up with me? I don't understand." If he's satisfied with taking care of you and loving you, then you should be to. No reason to complicate things, if he's happy, and you're happy, then why?