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Vertigo - possibly hormonal - PLEASE HELP

Hi everyone,

I have had vertigo for about 4 years. It came on after I was rear-ended in a car accident and had physical therapy. At first they thought it was BPPV, but I have been tested for it several times over the last 4 years and every test indicates I do not have BPPV. They also thought I had Meniere's at first, but then determined I don't have that either.

The doctors have put me on a diet of low sodium, low sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, no chocolate. I also eat very healthy otherwise. I enjoy walking and yoga for exercise, but am often not able to do these because of my symptoms. I especially cannot do poses like downward dog in yoga because of the slight inversion.

I have had vestibular testing and when my doctor read the results he didn't say there was anything alarming or unusual. I did go to vestibular therapy and have vestibular exercises I do regularly.

I have noticed that my vertigo often occurs either during PMS or during the first days of my cycle. I also sometimes (but not always) get bad cramps and I have vomited from them before. I usually don't vomit from the vertigo, but have a few times. Sometimes, I also get a motion sick feeling, but without the spinning of a normal vertigo attack. I generally don't get traditional migraines, but when I have I would consider them mild because I don't have to be in a dark room and am not that sensitive to noises, etc.

In addition to the vertigo, I also almost always feel tired/fatigued/lazy/lethargic, and sometimes have a general head fogginess. Sometimes this will clear after getting my period, but sometimes it doesn't. I also have acne on my chin area (despite a good diet and good skincare) and have developed dry skin patches on my hips.

I wear vision correction (up-to-date and my eye doctor doesn't think the vertigo has anything to do with my eyes). But often looking at the computer screen with bother me and make me feel nauseous.

No doctor has an answer for me about what is going on with my body. I saw a new gynecologist who immediately suggested "hormone manipulation" in the form of birth control pills. I'm willing to try them if they will help, but overall would prefer to treat the problem naturally without pumping myself full of synthetic hormones.

How do I know if my vertigo is truly hormonal? From what I have read, it seems the hormone tests are not accurate.

Has anyone else tried birth control pills for their vertigo and if so, has it worked? Has anyone been able to solve their problem with natural methods?

I'm so sick and tired of living like this as my work suffers and I cannot do many things that I used to do (like dancing). I also have to take extended periods of time off from work and my mother has to care for me when I have vertigo attacks. I want to be able to live an independent lifestyle.

Please help me!!!

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