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Re: What is it about heat?

I too have unbelievable heat intolerance. I didnt know that I had it until I was diagnosed and the doctor and nurse started asking the "right" questions. One of them was about heat and how it affects me.

The summer before I was dx, I used to get out of a warm shower and start to blow dry my hair. Id be sitting on the bathroom rug with sweat running down my neck and back, in tears. Id be dizzy, confused, and generally just upset. My husband would find me in a puddle of my own sweat and think I was coming down with the flu or something. I would jump BACK into the shower and take a cold one and almost instantly feel better. That summer, I cut 7 inches off my hair to stop having to blow dry it for an hour.

That fall, I found out I had MS. Seven years later, I am still intolerable of heat, but I can live naked in the snow and not feel cold. (thats a distinct possiblity if this heat doesnt break soon~ Im putting in a transfer for Alaska! ) I live in a high humidity and as soon as it starts rising and the temperatures go up, I become miserable in attitude and health. I find that Im short tempered, short on rational thinking, and basically just miserable. In a perfect world, Id work in an airconditioned office, but Im in sales and Im in and out of my airconditioned car and into the heat, then into my accounts, then back out into the heat, and into a 110 degree car! I spend my day ultimately fighting heat stroke, MS issues and trying to regulate my body temp. I do wear cooling hats when Im not working, things I can soak in ice water and keep my head cool- that helps. I also try to wear layers because I can go from sweating to shaking rather quickly...even though when its consistently cold, Im fine. It appears to be the radical change in temps that brings this on...

You are not alone. Im sorry you are experiencing this...but welcome to the wonderful and often confusing world of MS. I really hope you find out you dont have it.

RRMS- dx 05