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Re: Fatigue, but nothing conclusive

Ive been dealing with this for year. CFS or Fibro is all I get and I just dont believe it. I too am low on Vit D. Potassium has also been low. Blood pressure was always very good but seems to be elevating. I take adderall now and am still exhausted ALL the time EXCEPT, LATE AT NIGHT! Cortisol came back normal at 22, 8am draw. I await the other results from my (new) endo.
Have u had autoimmune testing? I always have ANA, ESR and CRP testing and its always fine. I am asking my dr (after these results) to do a immunology panel? Iga, Iga, Igm...Thinking maybe if they just start from the beginning...
I have what I cant even call fatigue, its pure exhaustion, aches in joints, prone to tendinitis, bursitis. Constant skin rashes, numbness, tingling, see things in peripheral vision, all over itching and sensations, Im clumsier than I should be, hair is falling out, dry mouth, eyes and nose~ my septum has thinned and I now have a hole in it. LOVELY. Through it all NO inflammation. I had a positive RH once of 25 (20 being high) so barely elevated. On most recent test, it was back to normal.
I have NO clue at all!