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Sulphur burps, vomiting and diarrhea: recurring

My kids (ages 9, 6 and 1) started with these symptoms in October: They would burp the most awful sulphur smelling burps and then eventually throw up (usually at night) and have a day or two of terrible diarrhea. After each episode they would be fine for 3-4 days then it would start all over again. All three kids had the same symptoms.They were tested and retested for all kinds of things including giardia (had an Ova & Parsite test and Giardia antigen test done) , all kinds of parasites, C. Diff, Ecoli, Salmonella and I can't even remember what all. $1000+ worth of tests and NOTHING!!! After getting no where with our regular dr and seeing another Dr. the kids were put on Flagyl and did a little better for a couple of weeks. When the symptoms came back again we were referred to a pediactric gastroenterologist. By this time the kids had been sick for over 2 months. They booked us for an "emergeny" appt which had a wait of over 3 months!!!! I'd hate to see how long we'd have to wait for a non-emergency appt! By the time our appt. came the kids were symtom free for over 6 weeks so I rescheduled just to be sure it was gone before cancelling. The next appt. came and they were all still symptom free so I cancelled. Now they are having symptoms again, although they are milder. I do notice that they all have problems when I give them juice, especially the Wal Mart brand 100% fruit punch blend. We are currently avoiding juice of any kind. That is the only consistet food trigger I have noticed. I am thinking maybe whatever the cause of all this was might be gone, hopefully, and now they just need to rebuild the healthy bacteria in their systems??? Thinking to try probiotics and maybe acidopholus (sp?) Also thinking of doing a 2 week round of papaya seed as a cleanse. Anyone else have any suggestions or similar experiences?
BTW, we tested our well water and it was fine. We also have been drinking and cooking exclusively with bottled water since all this started just in case it was related to the well water. It has been so frustrating and I am very disappointed in the medical community and their lack of interest or concern over our case. One Dr. told me she thought the cause was that I was feeding the kids too rich foods. Right. All of a sudden they all just mysteriously developed an adverse reaction to my cooking? All three kids??? At the same time??? What a waste of a co pay.
I'd love to hear any input. This has been so frustrating! Thanks!

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