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Frustrated no help

Hi, I weigh over 19 stones. I have health issues big time, Firstly I suffer with hydracephilis, which on it's own causes a lot of problems. [email protected] having serious problems with fluid retention just now, my feet are so swollen I can barely walk, and my legs are like solid lumps of wood. I can't take diuretics as they can cause pressure behind my eyes, which is dangerous for me as the hydracephilis causes this anyway. My gp say's I can't take any diuretics.
I also have incontinence problems, again walking is very difficult as I wet myself a lot. Have been told there is nothing they can do for this. There are no slimming groups such as wieght watchers or slimming world within 10 miles of where I live, I don't drive and my partner isn't allowed to drive due to having 2 strokes a couple of months ago.
The buses are not an option as I can't go out alone due to serious dizzy spells, I have no family within 300 miles of me so can't rely on them to take me about.
I logged into the special K free diet plan yesterday only to be told that as my BMI is over 40 I should go to my gp couldn't get into it any further.
My gp just keeps telling me to plod on with it even though I have stressed that I need help. I'm at my wits end with it, I sleep sitting up on my recliner as I was told by gp it will help with the fluid retention. after 2 months of doing this still no change. last night I slept lying down, never again untill I get some of this wieght off, thought I was going to choke to death, the fat around my neck was cutting off my air. I woke up this morning with my lungs so sore, they had a lot of wieght on them.
so now all the complaints are out of the way I need help big time and am at a loss where to turn.
Thanks for listening any advice will be gratefully received

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