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Re: Early symptoms of Crohn's before diagnosed

Originally Posted by Nightingale007 View Post
[Thanks for sharing your information and helpful suggestions. I'm sorry you have to go through your health problems with crohn's. My daughter has the same problems around her period. you speak of...feels worse and is so tired all the time. I'm working on getting her to take probiotics and eating yogurt may be easier to get her to follow. She doesn't want to get out of bed many times. My sister who is now 67 was diagnosed when she was 26 years old. I have watched her go through so much with it. Her son was diagnosed when he was in his 30's about 15 years ago. Watching what they have gone through I know it's a very debilitating disease. I know it seems like stress impacts her GI a lot. I also wonder if just getting overly tired also makes it worse. Take care of yourself and thanks again.
Yes getting overly tired will/can only make symptoms worse. I know this from experience. I have a 6 year old who gets up really early and sometimes I don't get sleep at night because I am up visiting the restroom and I know the next day is going to really hard! Make sure the yogurt says probiotics on it, not all yogurt has it. I know activia and some dannon brands have it right on the label. My husband tried helping and got me yogurt but it didn't have the probiotic in it... just look at the label (usually says it right on the front).

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