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Smile Re: any hope at recovery

I am recovering from bulimia right now, I'm in my first week of recovery, and it's sooo difficult. The bloating I'm experiencing right now, because my stomach basically "forgot" how to digest food according to my dr., makes me look 8 mo. pregnant. No joke!! I started getting self help online from all kinds of blogs and forums such as this one, and it really does help. My advice to you is structured eating! In order to recover from bulimia, structured eating is essential. I plan all my meals and snacks for the day in the morning when I wake up or the night before. And I stick to it. Don't pick @ any food, don't eat until ur meal or snack is prepared and in front of you, and eat sitting at the kitchen table, without any distractions, if possible. Sit and chew your food slowly, @ least 20 times before swallowing. Try to close your eyes and enjoy the taste and texture of every bite. This helps so much for your digestion, and for your body to know when you're full. Also, try not to drink much with your meal, it may bloat you. When you start keeping your food down, you are very bloated @ first, @ least I am, and everyone else I've talked to in recovery experiences the bloat usually. The dr. gave me some meds for digestion that I just started taking today, hopefully they help. I'm also taking vitamins and herbal supplements that aide digestion and probiotics. Also, any foods that trigger you to binge should be kept out of the house. For me, that's cakes, cookies, etc. I'm also 29, and I've been bulimic for 10 yrs. I am also in counseling for substance abuse, I was a drug addict for several yrs. as well. I'm on day 5 of no binge/purging, and I feel great other than the massive bloating that is. Good luck!