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Help! Indent after punch biopsy - will it fill in?

I had a 4mm punch biopsy performed in the end of my nose 10 days ago to have a mole/tumour removed. Still awaiting results.

Have had the stitches out now and appears to be healing ok but I am upset to see that the wound is quite indented. I'm getting married in a month and very worried I'll look a mess on the day that every girl wants to look their best :-(
I can cover the redness with makeup but the shadows the indent cast look bad whatever I do. Is this likely to fill in as it heals? or is there anything further that can be done both long term and short term?

I've also not been given much information regarding care of the wound to try and aid healing apart from to keep putting petroleum jelly on it for a few days and to use a good sunscreen. Is there anything I can do to aid/speed healing. Have bought some silicone gel and have ordered some silicone sheet but not sure if I'm doing the right thing. Anyone got any experience of these?

I wanted to put a photo of it on here but don't think I can.

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