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Night Terrors

Ok guys, I have been having these very rarely for years. Mild ones were I might feel like I'm falling and wake up suddenly, pretty common stuff. About two years ago, I got very bad Health and Social Anxiety due to some issues I was having that I thought were worse than they actually were (turned out I was hypothyroid and had high blood pressure), anyways, during that time I was put on Lexapro, which totally killed the anxiety but caused major weight gain and made me not worry about anything stopped it after about 9-10 months. Anxiety started back up 3 months later also feeling depressed. Asked the doc to try me on Wellbutrin (didn't increase anxiety, but didnt get rid of it). So I stopped the WB. I am currently medication free as I don't like to feel like I am in chains if that makes sesne. I feel I can handle my issues through exercise and healthy eating.

Anyways, about 4 months prior to my health and social anxiety starting my night terrors started getting more frequent and a lot worse. They are not constant and unpredictable. I can go weeks without having them or I can have them 3 days in a row. I only usually have 1 a night. They started like I said from when I was young feeling like I am falling. Now I keep waking up to the thought of somone hovering over my bed. Sometimes I jump up swinging, sometimes I throw my pillows, sometimes I just wake up quivering, sweating and my heart pounding. I am just curious if anxiety and stress can cause this, or could it by my thyroid and bp. Or could it be the Armour Thryoid I take or the Avapro. It's really getting annoying. I am going to bring it up to my doctor when I see him in 3 weeks.

The only other thing I could think of is I do tend to drink a little on the weekends. But the majority of these always happen during the week.

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